Thursday 30 December 2010

Body Shop Haul....Umm Yum!

Body Shop also had a sale on and I managed to pick up a few bits and pieces. I love Body Shop's things since they smell sooo good! But they can be pricey so I usually stock up on their stuff when they have offers or at sale times! 

First up is the body butters which smell amazing!!! They really creamy and it does moisturize your skin. Although I've noticed that it goes a bit thicker in winter so I usually leave it in a warm place because I like really soft.

Also I got two lip butters which weren't in the sale but I really love them! Again like the body butters they're really soft and creamy and just melt onto your lips. They smell so good I just want to eat it! I usually use them when I've lost my Carmex (yep I can't find it at the mo) :(

I also got 2 Born Lippy Lip Balms in Cherry and Watermelon. Now these are only £2 (not in the sale) so I don't mind getting a few of them because they leave a glossy finish to lips and they're really moisturizing as well! And I always end up running out of this because I end up licking it all off!

Sorry, no proper pic for this one and the cube one :(

I got a couple of the handcreams because they only bring these out at Christams time and they have an amazing scent! And they're only a £1!!!

And last up the Shimmer Cube which I got for £5 down from £16! They're really shimmery and the colours are vibrant but not too bold. The packaging's quite cute too! They're not very wintry colours but I'm saving it for Spring/Summer.

Aaarghh..botched up camera, what can you do? lol

Online Shopping

So it's that time of year when the sales come and everyone goes completely crazy-queuing up in the early morning in the cold to frantic buying and not forgetting all the shoving and pushing. This year I did most of my sale shopping online and I think that this is the best way to go. You can beat all the queues and how annoying is it when you can't find your size or your item is out of stock! (So frustrating!!!) 

I got some amazing bargains and it is so easy and secure to pay for and it arrives quickly too. Now I know you have to pay delivery charges, which can be really annoying but sometimes its worth it. Although, a lot of online shops have offers like 'Free delivery over £70' or codes so you just have to keep an eye out. 

A few places I shopped online were Debenhams, Asos, Next, House of Frazer, Dorothy Perkins and Amazon. The only thing annoying is when you have to go to the post office or the shops to do all the returns!

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Collection 2000 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner

I've always loved top liner, but because I use it so often I like the easiest and quickest way to draw it on. So when I heard about the felt tip liners I knew I had to get my hands on them! After a bit of searching, it was between Rimmel London's Flash Tip Liner and the Collection 2000 one. I opted for the cheapest and it ended up costing me only £3 for one! ( You know me, I love a bargain!)

It was so easy to use, I couldn't believe I wasn't using this before! Now it takes me about 30 seconds to do my eyes rather than the 10 minutes it took me fiddling about with those gel liners and that brush! I loved how easy it was to handle and I was majorly (feel so American) impressed with the precision of the line.  Also it definitely has staying power and the swatch is still on my hand after a nights sleep! Although, I felt that the liner wasn't black enough and I had to go over it a few more times to get the colour right.

I would give this product a 4/5 but I'm probably going to try the Eyeko Graffiti Liners next, since I really like the colour range and the prices are affordable as well!

P.S Lunar Eclipse today, yes I know, did anyone even notice? But it just sounds like somat important even though I kind of don't even know what it is (too uncle google I go...)

Sunday 19 December 2010

And then we fell in love...

Wow three posts in one day ,eh! I really must be bored! And yes we're still snowed in (well not exactly, but still it's too cold to even consider stepping outside!), but that still that doesn't excuse me for still being in my PJ's in the afternoon! :-P 

But I have to tell you guys about the one product that has been my absolute saviour throughout the  cold months and  it is my favourite beauty product of all time( yep I know a BIG statement, but it has to be said!)-the one and only CARMEX

My love affair with carmex began about 2 years ago, when a friend was harping on about some amazing lip balm that her favourite celeb loved and I ended up buying one. At that time I had badly chapped lips and those little vaseline tubs always used to be my answer. But then it all changed... Initially I wasn't too keen on carmex, since I wasn't used to the tingling on my lips-it was always a thick layer of Vaseline slapped on for me. But in time it grew on me (big time) and now I'm never left without it. It protects, heals and moisturizes my lips better than any lip balm I've ever tried, so I would definitely recommend this to everyone!

Another day, another lipstick - Barry M Lip Paint

It's another shade to add to the collection and this one is Vintage Rose. I really love Barry M lip paints because their so inexpensive and they're such good quality, they really do give you value for money. They all cost around £4.50 and the ones I have are so creamy and soft. I brought this colour since it's a great autumn/winter shade, perfect for this season. Plus I love the name! It's a very wearable pretty colour and it's not overpowering. It's like dark pink, and it's quite similar to my lip colour, so it just adds a bit of colour to them which I love.  


Models Own Review

Models Own is a newsish brand to the beauty market. I came across it a few months ago, although I didn't really take much notice of the hype. Plus my Boots didn't stock it, so I was a bit weary of buying online without any samples to test out. However a couple of moths ago Models Own had a facebook page with 50% off all items if they reached 10,000 likes, so, I thought then would a good time to test it out.

The verdict: I am so impressed with this brand and it's products that I'm still kicking myself to this day for not ordering more! I honestly can't believe the quality and price of their products!!!! (Everything is under £6!)

First up-the brushes: They are super soft  especially the retractable brush which is my favourite brush (so handy for on the go) and it has not even shed to this day. For the price you are paying you can't  really complain. I brought mine for £3.50 but they are usually £7 for 3 brushes. Even at the normal price I would be willing to pay. Each brush would end up costing around £2.30!!! Of course there are better quality brushes out there, but for the price I cannot fault them.
Includes a shader brush. a smudger brush and an angled brush.

The blusher in warm glow. This is defiantly my favourite out of all the products. The quality is great. It's very similar to Benefit's Coralista although in price there huge difference. Coralista retails at around £21.50 whereas this one is at a mere £5. It's a peachy shade and as the name suggests it gives a slight glow to the cheeks. 

Last up it's the Model's Own lipbalm in Hot Pink. Again the quality is fab and it's super pigmented (what's with the 'super' eh?). I think that  you would most likely buy this for it's colour rather than for moisturising your lips. Regardless it's still very soft. Although I would recommend you use only a very little, if you want a more subtle look, since it's quite loud.

You can purchase model's own from the website
Or you can buy it from Boots, River Island or Asos.

Saturday 18 December 2010

First post-eeek!

So this is my first post, and I have no idea what to write! So much for a first post eh? Its been snowing crazy round here, so I've been stuck at home all day and now it's come to that time when X-Factor usually comes on, but now *shed a tear* it has come to an end. So I thought why not fill this empty void with writing a blog!

I've never strayed from the sideline- always the one reading and entering giveaways rather than writing actual posts. I'm quite nervous how it's going to go, but hey you never know until you don't try (yes I know the cheesiest saying ever!) I've only recently started getting into beauty although I think I'm on my way to becoming a full whack addict! Be warned, once you start, you just can't stop!

But the main reason I'm doing this is because there are so many products out there, sometimes you just never know which is the best quality or how you are going to get the best for your money. So I hope my reviews will help, because especially for me, I like to make sure I read up all the reviews before I spend my money (hey these are hard times!) I hope you enjoy reading my blog (yes, I know I've gone from not knowing what to write to a huge essay!) hehe x :)

Aww cute..this blog is so yummy!